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Current published issue:


Volume 16 Issue 1 January 2022











The Efficiency of Long Primers Compared to The Short Primer for RAPD Technique in Date Palm

Aisyah Mohd Ismail and Farida Zuraina Mohd Yusof

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.13444




Screening of Lactic Acid Fermentation by
Rhizopus oryzae on Banana Peel Using Two-Level Factorial Analysis

Nurul Syafiqah Mohd Yaminudin, Atikah Kamaludin, Sharir Aizat Kamaruddin, Siti Nurbalqis Aziman, Nor Azimah Mohd Zain and Nor Atikah Husna Ahmad Nasir

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.13651




 Improving the Photostabilization of Poly(vinyl chloride) Using
4-(benzylideneamino)benzenesulfonamide Tin Complex

Hassan Ghani, Emad Yousif, Mohammed Kadhom, Waled Abdo Ahmed, Muhammad Rahimi Yusop, Muna Bufaroosha

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.16865




Cetrimonium Surfactants with Biologically Active Counter Ions as Self-Immolative Drug Delivery Systems

Syed Waqar Hussain Shah, Iram Bibi and Sabat Yousaf

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.14547



Pollution and Potential Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals Around the Active Bukit Mendi Palm Oil Mill Area, Bera Pahang, Malaysia

Mohd Zahari Abdullah and Nur Najiha Abdul Hadi

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.14991




Antibacterial Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Erythrina fusca Lour. Leaf Extract (Fabaceae)

Adiez Sapura Azmi, Mohammad Humayoon Amini, Muhammad Farhan Syakir Nor Azman and Fatimah Salim

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.15276




Lotka-Volterra Model of Wastewater Treatment in Bioreactor
System using 4th Order Runge-Kutta Method

Zaileha Md Ali, Ezmir Faiz Mohd Puard, Muhamad Hariz Sudin and
Nur Aziean Mohd Idris

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.15284




Genetic Variation Analysis between Wild and Cultured Pangasianodon hypopthalmus using COI and Cytochrome b Among Asian Countries

Nik Azwarina R Azmi, Lyena Watty Zuraine Ahmad, Roziah Kambol, Sharifah Aminah Syed Mohamad, Farizan Aris, Nurul Aili Zakaria and Norfatimah Mohamed Yunus

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.15422




In Silico Study of the Effectiveness of 16S rRNA Gene as a Universal Genetic Marker to Identify Closely Related Burkholderia spp. in Panicle Blight of Rice


Nur Alifah Ilyana Mohamad Naim, Nabihah Raihanah Tajul Anuar, Lyena Watty Zuraine Ahmad, Roziah Kambol, Sharifah Aminah Syed Mohamad, Farizan Aris, Nurul Aili Zakaria and Norfatimah Mohamed Yunus

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.15582




Inhibitory Effect of Oral Thin Films (OTFs) Containing Xylitol
Against Streptococcus mutans


Elizabeth Teng Yi Ern, Hee Xixian and Muhamad Fareez Ismail

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.13815




Kinetic Study of Metal Ions Adsorption by Immobilised Chitosan


Thanabalan Pitchay, Ali H. Jawad, Ili Syazana Johari and Sumiyyah Sabar

DOI: 10.24191/sl.v16i1.15932

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