Volume 11 Issue 1  June 2017


Title  Pages

Mounting Configuration Factor for Building Integrated Photovoltaic and Retrofitted Grid-connected Photovoltaic System 

(Noor Farhana Yusoff, Nor Zaini Zakaria, Hedzlin Zainuddin, Sulaiman Shaari) 



Application of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell(Dssc) from Polyurethane (Pu)/Diol-Nai Electrolyte with Activated Carbon (Ac) Composite Electrode

(Mohd Hamizan Selamat, Azizah Hanom Ahmad)



System Performance and Detectable Faults of a 10-Year Old 1.1 kWp GCPV System in Malaysia

(Nurmalessa Muhammad, Nor Zaini Zakaria, Sulaiman Shaari and Ahmad Maliki Omar)



Ionic Conductivity and Dielectric Study of Sodium Iodide-Sodium Dicyanamide Solid Electrolyte

(Mohd Khairul Hazwan Yusof and Azizah Hanom Ahmad)